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I designed Watercolour pet portraits to help you obtain a beautiful and affordable pet portrait of your dog, cat or horse painted in watercolour from your photos.

I live in Rochester England and dog portraits, cat portraits and horse portraits are my speciality and passion and I love to capture the charactor of my subjects.

"My aim is to keep my prices as realistic and as low as possible without compromising the quality of my work and customers can be confident that many hours of work go into each piece."

You may wish to have a pet portrait produced as an original piece of art for your home, or you may prefer to give a portrait as gift. All I require is a clear photograph (please see the photo tips section) and there is nothing to pay until you are completely satisfied with the finished work.

Worldwide shipping is available please contact me for details.

I also have original artworks for sale via the links page and you may also like to follow me on Facebook.

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12"x10" Spaniel watercolour portrait
Mikey Horse Portrait
German Shepheard Portrait.
two dogs on a sofa
Bailey lab x shar pei watercolour.
King charles spaniel watercolour of
dog portrait
THe Krays
Charlie and Poppy
Alfie border collie
Kiser German Shepherd
watercolour dog painting
horse portrait
Golden Retriever watercolour
Golden Retriever watercolour
horse eye portrait
irishwolf hound dog portrait
golden retriever dog portrait
bassett hound dog portrait
horse portrait
golden retriever dog portrait
golden retriever dog portrait
wise hare watercolour painting
bright eyed hare portrait
Tabby cat portrait
staffy dog portrait
golden retriever dog portrait
terrier watercolour portrait
Golden retriever watercolour portrat
nosey horse portrait
horse portrait
rotwieler dog portrait
cat pet portrait
irishwolf hound dog portrait
fox portrait
Irish wolf hound portrait
Golden Retriever portrait
King Charles dog portrait
cat portrait
pug dog portrait
border collie dog portrait
Horse eye portrait
dobermain dog portrait
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