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10" x 8"approximately.

Great for a single pet head and shoulders portrait with a plain colour background.

Price £85 framed with a mount.


12" x 10"approximately.

The most popular size for a single pet head and shoulders portrait with a lot more detail!

Some double pet head and shoulders portraits do work on this size, but not all. Please email me your photos first for assesment if you would like a double portrait in this size.

Single head £95 framed.

Double head £110 framed.


12" x 16"approximately.

The best size for a double head and shoulders portrait with lots of detail (depending on the quality of your photo) or a single pet full body or head and shoulders portrait.


Single full body or head and shoulders £120 framed.

Double head and shoulders£140 framed.

Portraits with 3, 4, or 5 subjects

For portraits with 3, 4, or 5 dogs, cats, or horses. I have a larger size available of :   16" x 20".

As a guide these are priced from £150 to £250 depending on the amount of subjects and complexity. Please email me for a more accurate quote as every portrait is unique. Some may not require as much work as others and a sensible discount will applied.


All finished portraits are framed free of charge in a black frame ready for you to hang.


Postage and packaging is £7 via Royal Mail Recorded delivery for UK customers.

International customers please contact me for details.


I accept PayPal or personal cheque made payable to Nigel Jackson.


If you are unsure about what size to order or would like to discuss a multiple portrait, please message me and I will be happy to assist you.


All sizes are approximate.


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